What Is 10 Billion Emails? 

A series of fields notes, philosophies, and hard-earned lessons written by Drew Price. 10 Billion Email’s style is journal-like, intimate, and honest, with the singular goal of helping others build more thoughtful email programs. You can take advantage of early-supporter pricing to gain full access to the series (available now) for just $4.50 USD per month.

If that feels like a big commitment, you can sign up for the first three posts for free to see if Drew's writing and teaching style resonates. 

Who Is It For? 

The lessons shared are meant for email marketers of all levels who are interested in honing their strategic and qualitative thinking to drive better relationships with their customers. Growth experts, founders, and designers who dare to take a more principled approach to building or revitalizing their lifecycle programs may also benefit.


How Is It Unique?

The 10 Billion Emails series is unique in two ways:

  1. The lessons focus on how to shape your decision making, rather than making the choices for you.

  2. You’ll be taken on a journey, with lessons thoughtfully timed to help you retain the material. In other words, it's like enrolling in a curriculum.

These days, there is a glut of articles online about generalized best-practices for email marketing. But they typically focus on the ‘what’ and the ‘how’. But they fail to acknowledge the ‘why’ or the constant trade-offs involved in managing all the variables at play. And they quickly fade from relevance as tactics evolve, challenges arise, and trends shift.

The truth is, there is a lot of nuance to navigate through. And much of the conventional wisdom out there today is not conducive to optimal long-term relationships. The goal of the 10 Billion Emails series is to teach you how to take a principled and effective approach to navigating all of the variables and challenges coming at you.