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Choose between a monthly or annual plan to experience Drew's full series for 10 Billion Emails (over 35 lessons). Your journey begins the day you sign up, with lessons dripped to you over the course of a year. Both plans are now available with the following early-supporter pricing options.  

Flexible Plan

$4.50 USD/month

  • Gain access to the full annual series

  • Your plan renews 11 times (if you complete the series*)

  • *You can opt out at any time and cancel renewals

Savings Plan

$45 USD

  • Gain access to the full annual series 
  • One payment (don't worry, your plan does not renew)

  • Save ~17% vs. monthly plan


Topics covered:

Long-term Optimization, AI, Content Strategies, Opt-in Tactics, Future-Proofing, Platform Selection, Reputation Management, Email as a Product, Intrinsics, Intangibles, Contrarionisms, Competitive Analyses, Internal Processes, and more ...


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