Drew Price

Drew has handled strategy, messaging, project management, and creative direction for multiple B2C email programs. He got his start in the retail space running point on the promo program for The Home Depot at a top direct-response agency in Atlanta.

He then moved to San Francisco where he spent six years building new programs for IGN Entertainment and Grammarly. The email product he’s most known for is Grammarly Insights, which is enjoyed by tens of millions of people every week.

Drew lives with his wife and daughter in Berkeley, California and is the Head of Lifecycle Marketing at Grammarly. His focus is on building out the lifecycle team as well as advising other startups and program managers using his unique theories, philosophies, and tactical perspectives.

Companies I've Run Programs For:

Companies I've Advised:

Drew is a forward-thinking, deeply empathetic and customer-centric marketer, and a phenomenally skilled email marketer. His contribution to Grammarly’s meteoric rise cannot be understated, and I’m eager to work with him for many years into the future.
— Yuriy Timen, Head of Growth @Grammarly
At IGN, Drew worked constantly to revitalize old products, as well as dream up many (now wildly successful) new products
— Jackie Linayao , Associate Creative Director @SoFi

Some Emails I'M Proud to Have Worked On:

Press Coverage & Interviews (from the Archives):

How Grammarly Built an Email Product Users Love - Vero

"Their emails check all the boxes of a great product: useful, accessible, interesting and personalized."

How Grammarly Does Drip Email Campaigns - Pagewiz

"...the right approach to email marketing – not trying to go for the quick sell before forming lasting connections with users."

Drew finds the right moment, not time, to send email. He also employs sophisticated copywriting and design that leaves the user feeling satisfied.
— Jimmy Daly, Marketing Director @Animalz
Drew is one of the most holistic and passionate marketers I know. He is always looking to how email can contribute to the larger business goal and drive real value to the customer.
— Roxana Shershin, President @Digital Additive
Drew’s work at Grammarly is an inspiration. Grammarly Insights is one of my favorite email products and shows the power of thinking about email beyond just short-term wins.
— Jason Rodriguez, Email Design + Marketing Evangelist @Litmus
I’ve always enjoyed and been inspired by the personalization of Grammarly’s emails and we’re always looking for ways that Zapier can do more of that kind of smart marketing.
— Sean Kennedy, Product Marketing @Zapier, Email Marketing @Reallygoodemails

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