What type of email programs (B2B or B2C) will benefit most from the 10 Billion Emails series?

Drew's direct experience is in the B2C field. While many of the principles apply to both arenas, the lessons are more directly related to B2C practices and philosophies.

Why can't I read/unlock the entire series immediately?

The goal of the series is to teach and to let each lesson resonate long enough to be actionable and inspire reflection. Making the full arsenal available right away is suboptimal for these goals. Additionally, many of the concepts build upon each other and become more complex as the series unfolds.

Many blogs or newsletters are free. Why does this one cost money?

Oh boy. That's a big question to unpack.

The short answer is that nearly everybody has a monetization plan, even if it's not directly obvious.

For 10 Billion Emails, the choice was to go with a direct contract that puts the onus on Drew to deliver the goods and to give flexible payment options. The current series is an effort to deliver a great value for those who truly can benefit from the lessons shared.

On the contrary, this series is really cheap. Seems a little fishy. What gives?

There are many price models for paid content services these days. The current early-supporter pricing is low because the goal is to gain some traction and get feedback on the series with a low barrier to entry. The lessons are meant to be both accessible to those early in their careers as well as valuable to more senior marketers on an ongoing quest for mastery.

What if I pay and don't like the content?

First off, it is highly recommended that you sign up for the first three free lessons (via the homepage) before committing to any paid plan. That way you have a very clear understanding of Drew's teaching style and the quality of content for 10 Billion Emails. Secondly, if you are still apprehensive, you should definitely pick the monthly/flexible plan in order to give yourself an easy way to opt out before paying for the entire series, should you be less than fully satisfied with the content.

Given that the above options are available, there is currently a no-refund policy. However, if you have a passionate complaint, please reach out to help@10billionemails.com with your specific concerns.

Can I forward the emails to friends/co-workers/etc?

Great question. Yes, but please limit to one email per month. (See terms of service for more info.)